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    4 Popular Bra Faux Pas

    We have all heard the term “fashion faux pas” and how they happen all the time – but what exactly constitutes a “bra faux pas”? Is it a white bra that is glaringly obvious under a white t-shirt? Is it a strap slipping out of from underneath a blouse? Whether you call it a wardrobe malfunction or just how the bra is intended to look, more often than not these instances typically indicate that you are wearing the wrong bra size.

    Here are a few popular bra faux pas and some solutions to help fix these!

    1. Slippery Straps. This faux pas occurs when your bra straps keep slipping down your shoulders or peeking out from beneath your blouse. In order to avoid this, you can simply opt out for a strapless bra or try the clear-straps that can be attached to any bra.
    2. Peek-a-Boo Bra. This occurs when your bra is peeking out above a low neckline or at the openings of your arms. Adding a camisole to your wardrobe can help hide the tops of your bra or you can use double-sided tape to your shirt where your bra could potentially pop out.
    3. Uni-boob. Uncomfortable and not very flattering, uni-boob occurs when your breasts are being flattened to your chest. This happens when you are wearing a sports bra that do not have separate cups inside them or when your top/dress is too tight. This solution is simple. If your top or dress is too tight – the best option is to find one that fits!
    4. Sagging Strapless. Do you suffer from your strapless constantly sliding south and having to pull it back up every time? Even if you are wearing the correct size, strapless bras can still sag when natural skin oils or sweat will cause the silicon sticking to become wet and start sliding. Trying using some double-side tape and apply it around the band of your bra for extra sticking power.

    If you are in need of a bra fitting or some advice on how to avoid bra faux pas, contact Liz Steinfeld today. As a certified fitter, Liz will enhance your bra fitting experience with her knowledge and love of lingerie.

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