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Most women do not understand that bras are very thoughtfully designed under-garments. Most bras can include as many as 30 to 40 pieces of fabric, trim and hardware!

Like any other part of your wardrobe, a bra is meant to support you and your clothing. If you know what bra style, design and size is the best for both your figure and lifestyle you will successfully find a bra you cannot live without! Because not every woman is the same, there is not a “one-size fits all” type when it comes to bras.



Liz has compiled this list of bra styles to help answer all your questions in this area. Learn more about what bra is best for you here!

Minimizer Bra | Liz Steinfeld

Minimizer bras: The ideal bra for larger chested women who want to reduce the projection of their breasts

Demi Bras | Liz Steinfeld

Demi Bras: The perfect bra for petite women with larger breasts.

Wireless Bra | Liz Steinfeld

Wirefree Bra: Fuller coverage and overall comfort!

Underwire Bras: Liz Steinfeld

Underwire Bra: Most popular, best selling bra with great support!

Strapless Bras: Liz Steinfeld

Strapless Bra: Ideal when you are hiding straps and can be for any size cup!

T-shirt Bras

T-shirt Bras: The seamless every-day bra. A must have in your collection.

Push-up Bra

Push-up Bra: Get a great lift and increased cleavage!