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    Marlies Dekker Bras at Liz Steinfeld

    Most people might not think it but lingerie has its own world of fashion. Liz is always looking for the latest fashion trends in the high-end lingerie industry to offer her clients both in-store and online.

    Marlies Dekkers is a famous Dutch lingerie designer. She has achieved international success with her lingerie designs. As the pioneer of the trend ‘innerwear as outerwear’ Marlies Dekkers designs can be found all over the nation and the world. She has proven her designs to be¬†trendsetting, innovative and pioneering. We love Marlies Dekker designs because they¬†are inspired by her own vision on life, and she wants to give women more self confidence.

    At Liz Steinfeld we carry these unique, innovative bras that had more to any outfit!