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Wireless Bra | Liz SteinfeldExactly how they sound, bras without the underwire. You might be wondering, ‘why would you not want underwire isn’t that where the support comes from?’ Yes, the underwire gives additional support, however, with the right wire-less bra you can still get the support you need with the extra comfort of no wire.

Wireless bras are great for women with wider set breast who want fuller coverage and the main goal is comfort. Wire-free bras will not create cleavage, they typically lie flat in the center of your chest or provide a lift to the breasts and they are also not ideal with blouses. If you have had recent medical surgery, are pregnant or nursing, a wire free bra is a great addition to your undergarments!

Wirefree bras still require wearing the right size to help get the support, look and complete comfort you are looking for. Contact Liz about fittings or any questions you may have.

As wire-free bras are becoming more and more popular the sexy styles and flirty colors available to women are expanding! Shop our wire-free collection and place your order right online!

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